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History in the Making

Welcome to the Cape Coral Historical Museum. Cape Coral is a vast, modern city that grew out of land-deals and salesmanship. Our campus in Cultural Park features three exhibit buildings, a sustainable Florida landscape and our historic rose garden.

We invite you to view our exhibits, where you can experience the way it was “back in the day.” Examine our collection of ancient Native American artifacts. Trace our transformation from cattle ranches and farms to a city of canals. Learn about the developers who created a global marketing machine and enlisted Hollywood stars to invent our tropical paradise. Join us!

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100 Years Has Passed...

In honor of the First World War the Cape Coral Historical Society and Museum welcome you to come to our April Monthly Meeting and learn about World War I from our Executive Director, Shalla Ashworth and local pioneer Pat Emerson. There will be a reflection on the history of the war, as well as a look into it's affects here in South West Florida. There will be WWI memorabilia on display borrowed from the South West Florida Military Museum. 

Cultural Park Theater

April 11, 2017


Come join our contribution to the United States World War One Centennial Commission

Thank You Veterans!

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What Is This?

One of the joys of the museum experience is finding artifacts of days gone by and learning the role they played in daily life many years ago.

Here's this month's puzzler. What is this device?

This is a Melodeon! Made out of beautiful rosewood on December 26th, 1846 by the George A. Prince Co. This company was based in Buffalo, and had been in the business of melodeons and organs from 1847 - 1879. Their musical machines were sold all over the world! 

This melodeon was donated to the museum by the Kidney Foundation. 

We invite you to visit the museum and have fun rediscovering our past!

From the Director

The Bluegrass Jamboree was a hit for it's second year running! Thank you to our many sponsors and to all the wonderful people who came out to support the museum and have a great time!

Our collection and archive inventory projects are underway. Our volunteers are busy working on artifact inventory and archive organization. We greatly appreciate the Cape Coral Community Foundation and the Giving Alliance of Women, for helping to fund this project.

Looking for somewhere to get involved? There is no better place than the museum! You can learn about Cape Corals colorful history while volunteering for a great cause!

Thank you!

Shalla Ashworth
Executive Director

"I Didn't Know That!"

One of the most common things you hear at the Museum is "I didn't know that!"

Our archives and exhibits reveal Cape Coral's fascinatingly dense history! Our city is still young, but we have been home to generations of families and businesses that have left their mark and made us who we are today.

If you come by the Museum we guarantee that something you learn will make you say, "I didn't know that!" 

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